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Zelyonye Listya - Zelyonye Listya Innovative Agro-complex - Innovation Development

Upon the project implementation, the following innovative technologies, providing the production of high quality products and ecological compatibility of production process, have been developed:

1. Milk processing technology. (Invention of “Zelyonye Listya” Company) – tindallization. A unique technology developed by specialists of “Zelyonye Listya” Group that allows keeping taste and nutritive properties of steamed milk for a long period (up to 60 days). The company received patents of RF, New Zealand, Japan, China, Australia, South Korea and EU countries. The technology was introduced at one of the company’s plants.
2. Technology of biogas preparation allowing dramatic increase of productivity per a unit of incoming raw material for a time unit. The patent has been applied for.
The following technologies corresponding to standards of ecological security shall be implemented:
- Technology of fodder production using high-yielding forage crops that are resistant to drought and flood;
- Technology of tilting the soil without ploughing allowing to maximum effect the usage of soil biota resource in providing plant nutrition with necessary microelements and keeping optimal temperature, humidity and air condition of soil;
- Technology of producing bio organic fertilizer (biohumus) by means of processing solids of methane fermentation waste with California warms;
- Technology of utilization of rice production waste preparing high quality generator gas followed by cogeneration;
- Technology of growing vegetables using synthetic (polymeric) substances providing automatic capillary supply of food solutions to plant roots.